Customer Experience Audit

Everything you need to understand and improve the experience your customers get when interacting with you.

It is so easy to get lost in what you think important about your business, but what do your customers feel?  So many brands like Amazon and Apple use excellent customer experience to become market leaders. Are you ready to be a market leader?

In this module, we learn about how the customer experience can have a significant impact on your business. It is possible to make small changes to the customer experience which can lead to significant improvements in your business. Simple changes can grow your business easily.


In this course we will cover:

* Understanding the basics of the customer experience
* Why it is an important piece in the business puzzle
* Walking the path of the customer and how they engage with your business and what it looks like for them
* Planning for you to use the results of the audit to implement changes in your business to help optimise and grow your business


  • Fundamentals of Customer Experience
  • Walk in the Shoes of your Customer
  • Create a Plan


  1. You will understand the importance of your customer’s experience
  2. You will learn how improvements impact the growth of your business
  3. You will understand how to ‘walk in the shoes of your customer’
  4. You will complete a customer experience audit
  5. You will have a plan to implement changes to result in improvements to customer experience

 Additional benefits of this module

  •  Get access for the life of the course so you can take the time you need
  •  Get the entry-level skills you need before committing to high-cost programs, saving you money and time loss
  •  Learn from a true subject matter expert with lived experience of their body of work.
  •  Connect with peers and the creator and share your thoughts to help to grow your understanding of the topic and deepen the experiences you have had.
  •  Use our novel monitoring approach to measure your growth so that you can see your actual improvement through completing the course.


This course is hosted on the WE-Being Upskill course platform. You will be directed to Upskill upon checkout to complete your purchase.

After your order is complete, you get an email giving you access to the module on the WE-Being community platform.
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The module is split into sections with videos from the module creator at the start of each section. Throughout the learning segments, we intertwine well-being and reflection practices.

This helps you to not only gain topic knowledge but also to grow personally, reducing feelings of overwhelm, isolation or comparison to others as you are integrating this new learning and just going through life.

  • Release Date: 22 November, 2019

  • Price: $127.00

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