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Promote Your Sign-Up Incentive

Social interaction and email marketing should go hand in hand. The first thing to do is create a Facebook Page for yourself or your business and use the “Sign Up” tab that Facebook provides under your Facebook Cover photo to send people right to your sign-up offer landing page. We saw this in an earlier …

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Content Creation Solutions

One question most often asked is, “Where do I get my product ideas?” Your own subscribers and followers will give you the answer to this, right under your nose, in: The questions they ask The complaints they make The wishes they express The problems they report Where are they stuck? What seems to be the …

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Follow Up

Once you launch, you’ll feel drained. You’ll feel like you just gave birth if you’re a woman. If you’re a man, you’ll feel like you ran a marathon, 10 times over. So build time and space for self-care time into your launch and recuperation time in between each launch period … but don’t just crash …

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Promotion and Launch Basics

Plan your programs. Make them strategic and make sure things aren’t overlapping. Make sure that there’s breathing room in between your launch, so you don’t suffer from entrepreneur adrenal fatigue, which is typical.    Plan also when to start marketing those events. Start talking up your topic well before your launch, creating a buzz. Release …

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Plan your Promotional Window

Start by reviewing your existing products and deciding how you can re-use them. Don’t think of it as “putting stuff in a different format”: Instead, think of it as re-purposing your knowledge. Consider your existing audience and decide how you can expand that audience. What groups will your new product format naturally embrace? Workshops For …

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